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About us

We are the leading specialised fur store in Vienna. Our customers profit from our experience and expertise of more than 40 years in top Fur Fashion. Personal care and custom-made counselling of our customers is what drives us.

The firm is based in the center of Vienna since 1972. A place for furs and design of Mala Mati is presented in our premises. With regular events, fashion shows and exhibitions is the parlor of Charilaos Zikos, a fine address in Vienna. A place with a great hospitality and a pleasant atmosphere where you feel comfortable and you always learn something different.

We mainly work with Italian and Greek fashion labels. We are the main representatives of Mala Mati in Austria. We carry top-quality furs of mink, chinchilla, sable, persian lamb, lynx in all variations. Each coat is distinctive and unique just like cashmere or silk, a piece of nature. 

Our traditional fur shop presents a unique concept of art, fashion and design as a whole experience. Individually valuable garments from fine sable, chinchilla, mink and persian lamb are offered to you in the very best quality. Our store offers a unique product which is easy to wear and distinguished of its simplicity in comfort and elegance.


The production starts with the purchase of superior skins from selected keepers. The skins are then sorted according to tan, quality and color so that the uniformity of the final product is guaranteed. Later on, the skins are cut and treated by the furrier and sewer. In this part knowledge of a specialised furrier is required to produce fur coats and fur jackets. This process is the let-out strip procedure, which is the fussiest way to stitch up slices. The furrier has now the chance to verify his technique. Several tools that are the main components and also the knowledge of the furrier is the condition for a high standard. The careful and specific manufacture guarantees and long durability and comfort.

Our Service program consists of maintaining the fur, the storage that is in a well temperatured location, reworking the fur of course the dry cleaning which is necessary and also all kind of services your fur needs.