About us

The firm is based in the center of Vienna since 1971. A place for furs and design of Mala Mati is presented in our premises. With regular events, fashion shows and exhibitions is the parlor of Charilaos Zikos, a fine address in Vienna. A place with a great hospitality and a pleasant atmosphere where you feel comfortable and you always learn something different. Our traditional fur shop presents a unique concept of art, fashion and design as a whole experience. Individually valuable garments from fine sable, chinchilla, mink and persian lamb are offered to you in the very best quality. Our store offers a unique product which is easy to wear and distinguished of its simplicity in comfort and elegance.

Who is Mr. Zikos

Zikos Charilaos was born on October 22nd, 1944 in Greece. In the year of 1959 he started his apprentice as a furrier in Kastoria in Northern Greece and finished 1962 in Vienna. In 1971 he started his own business "Zikos Pelze" in Vienna. He is a member of the furrier’s guild and the trade-community, by whom he was honored in 1997.

Fashion Show

Autumn/Winter 2011

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